PICOBOX Aplusweb (AW-920)

Published 06-12-13


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Product Features

Ease of use
Absolutely no programming or technical knowledge is required to use this system. Any computer can access its HTML web-based control panel using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.

Flexible User configuration
Configuration can be changed easily with any local computer. Only authorized with the correct user ID and password can access AplusWEB.
Standalone operation
AplusWEB need only to connect to the equipments to be monitored. No PC or server is required. The PC is needed only for configuring its operating parameters and for viewing the status of the equipments. Network ready.

Microcontroller based design
It is not a PC hardware and does not contain moving parts like hard disk, CD-ROM drive that can affect its reliability.

Low power consumption
Because it does not consume much power, AplusWEB does not generate heat and will run for 24 hours without worries of breaking down. In the event of incoming power failure, it can operate for hours on a small capacity lead acid battery / power supply unit.


Help & Support

Please write to us if you need any further information.