Published 13-04-11


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<p>PLOTS FOR SALE IN MADHAPUR,HYDERABAD.</p><p>ARUNODAYA COLONY--300 SQ Y PLOT--45 K PER SQ Y.</p><p>HUDA PLOTS IN JAYABHERI JUBILEE ENCLAVE,MADHAPUR.</p><p>480 SQ Y PLOT--N/F--55 K PER SQ Y.</p><p>550 SQ Y PLOT--S/F--55 K PER SQ Y.</p><p><br>SILPI LAYOUT--600 SQ Y PLOT--SOUTH FACING--45 K PER SQ Y.</p><p>SILPI LAYOUT--900 SQ Y PLOT--EAST FACING---48 K PER SQ Y.</p><p>SILPI LAYOUT--1200 SQ Y PLOT-SOUTH FACING--50 K PER SQ Y.ONLY FOR OFFICES.</p><p><br>SILPA PIONEER--1000 SQ Y PLOT--EAST FACING--52 K PER SQ Y.</p><p>SILPA PIONEER--1000 SQ Y PLOT--SOUTH FACING--60 K PER SQ Y.</p><p><br>SILICAL VALLEY--MADHAPUR--300 SQ Y PLOT--N/F--55 K PER SQ Y.</p><p>SILICAL VALLEY--MADHAPUR--400 SQ Y PLOT--W/F--55 K PER SQ Y.</p><p>SILICAL VALLEY--MADHAPUR--800 SQ Y PLOT--N/F--55 K PER SQ Y.</p><p><br>PATRIKA NAGAR--280 SQ Y PLOT-NORTH FACING--45 K PER SQ Y.</p><p>PATRIKA NAGAR--280 SQ Y PLOT-SOUTH FACING--50 K PER SQ Y.</p><p>PATRIKA NAGAR--468 SQ Y PLOT-NORTH FACING--50 K PER SQ Y.</p><p>PATRIKA NAGAR--500 SQ Y PLOT-NORTH FACING--55 K PER SQ Y.</p><p><br>KAVURI HILLS-PHASE-1--500 SQ Y PLOT-NORTH FACING--75 K PER SQ Y.</p><p>KAVURI HILLS-PHASE-1--500 SQ Y PLOT-N/E FACING----75 K PER SQ Y.FIXED</p><p>KAVURI HILLS-PHASE-2--500 SQ Y PLOT-SOUTH FACING--75 K PER SQ Y.</p><p> </p><p>RAVINDRA SOCIETY--500 SQ Y PLOT-S/W FACING---50 K PER SQ Y.</p><p>RAVINDRA SOCIETY--500 SQ Y PLOT-S/EAST FACING--52 K PER SQ Y.</p><p>RAVINDRA SOCIETY--300 SQ Y PLOT-WEST FACING--50 K PER SQ Y.</p><p>RAVINDRA SOCIETY--500 SQ Y PLOT-EAST FACING--50 K PER SQ Y</p><p><br>1180 SQ Y PLOTS--N/F--BACK SIDE OF SILICAN TOWERS--TCS BACKSIDE--45 K PER SQ Y.</p><p>1180 SQ Y PLOTS--S/F--BACK SIDE OF SILICAN TOWERS--TCS BACKSIDE--42 K PER SQ Y.</p><p><br>600 SQ Y COM PLOT ON MAIN Rd,MADHAPUR,HYDERABAD</p><p>EAST FACING.NEAR IMAGE GARDENS.PETROL BUNK.</p><p>RATE--1 LAC PER SQ Y.</p><p> </p><p>800 SQ Y PLOT IN AYYAPPA SOCIETY,MADHAPUR.HYD</p><p>SOUTH FACING.LRS PAID.RATE--40 K PER SQ Y.</p><p><br>388 SQ Y G+4+PENT HOUSE IN ARUNODAYA COLONY,MADHAPUR.HYD</p><p>SOUTH FACING.40 FEET ROAD.ONE YEAR OLD.</p><p>RENT--2.80 LACS PER MONTH.RATE--4.0 CR.</p><p><br>267 SQ Y DUPLEX HOUSE IN ARUNODAYA COLONY,MADHAPUR.HYD</p><p>EAST FACING.RENT--1 LAC.RATE--3.0 CR.</p><p><br>248 BUILDING IN VITALRAO NAGAR.MADHAPUR</p><p>EAST FACING.RENT--1.80 LACS.RATE--3.0 CR.</p><p><br>160 SQ Y BUILDING IN DOCTORS COLONY,MADHAPUR.</p><p>WEST FACING.RENT--1.10 LACS.RATE--1.80 CR.</p><p><br>400 SQ Y COM PLOT IN MAIN ROAD.MADHAPUR.</p><p>EAST FACING.NEAR FORTUNE TOWERS.</p><p>RATE--1.20 LACS PER SQ Y.</p><p><br>NOTE:--ring us only one day before,not more than that,</p><p>if u want to see the particular property physically.</p><p><br>very serious buyers only may contact-- +91 9848169502.</p><p><br>serious buyers can mail us for further details..,<br> <br><a rel="nofollow" href=""></a></p><p><br>for more data on properties visit..,</p><p><a rel="nofollow" href=""></a></p>


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