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( 900+ Managers trained &amp; certified by us in past 4 years )<BR><BR>we ahve delivered 100% result for teh foundation level certification &amp; 90% for the practitioner level <BR><BR>(PRINCE2® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce in the United Kingdom and other countries)<BR><BR>DATE &amp; VENUE<BR>  Foundation &amp; Practitioner Courses : June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec 2010<BR>  Course Duration : 2 DAYS <BR>  Course Timing : 10 am to 5:30 pm <BR>  Course Type : CLASSROOM<BR>  Venue : Quexst training Center, Karve Road, Above McDonalds, Opp. Harshal Hall, Near Karishma Signal, Kothrud, Pune-29<BR><BR>Background <BR>PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a structured approach to project management. It is a trademark of The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) and is a de <BR><BR>facto standard used extensively by the UK government. It is also being widely recognised and used in the private sector both in the UK and internationally. PRINCE2® is an <BR><BR>integrated framework of processes and themes that addresses the planning, delegation, monitoring and control of all these six aspects of project performance.<BR> <BR>Why Become Prince2 Certified PM??<BR>• 2500 + of Prince2 certified professionals / PMs required in whole of Europe &amp; prominently in UK in 2009 -2010<BR>• Average Salary earned by Prince2 certified person in UK is £45K to £55K <BR>• Prince2 jobs available in more than 30 regions in Europe.<BR>• Prince2 certified resource is the “De facto” for every project in UK. <BR>• Prince2 certified job is one of the Top 5 jobs listed in UK appointments<BR>• Prince2 requirement in IT skills –IT skills, Application development, Application analyst, QA /QC, Systems, Networking, Programming Languages Testing, etc<BR>• Prince2 requirement in Job titles - Project Manager, Analyst , Sr. Manager, PM, Sr. PM, Consultant, Dev. Manager, SAP Manager, IT Project Manager, Technical manager, Service Manager, Architect, Bus Manager, SW Manager, Delivery Manager, Developer, Infra. Manager, Tech. project Manager <BR>• Standardised approach of managing projects so staff can easily be transferred between projects without having to relearn terminology <BR>• Reduced meeting and bureaucracy, through management by exception <BR>• A proven tool for performance management <BR>• Targets the appropriate level of planning and decision making<BR><BR>Benefits <BR>• Promotes consistency of project work and the ability to reuse project assets; it also facilitates staff mobility and reduces the impact of personnel changes/handovers. <BR>• Is an invaluable diagnostic tool, facilitating the assurance and assessment of project work, troubleshooting and audits. <BR>• Plans are carefully designed to meet the needs of the different levels in the management team improving communication and control. <BR>• Ensures that participants focus on the viability of the project in relation to its Business Case objectives - rather than simply seeing the completion of the project as an end in itself. <BR>• Defines a thorough but economical structure of reports. <BR>• Ensures that stakeholders (including sponsors and resource providers) are properly represented in planning and decision making.<BR><BR><BR>FOUNDATION Course<BR>• Definition of a Project and its relationship to Products<BR>• Benefits of a structured approach to Project Management<BR>• Eight Processes<BR>• Eight Components<BR>• Management Products<BR>• Relationships between Components and Processes<BR>• Scalability<BR>• Conclusion<BR><BR>Exam Structure<BR>• The PRINCE2 Foundation examination is a one hour long, multiple choice paper of 75 questions.<BR>• 5 questions to be trial and not counted in scores <BR>• 35 marks required (out of 70 available) to pass – 50% <BR>• 5 of the 70 questions will be select style <BR>• 5 of the 70 questions will be negative style <BR>• 5 of the 70 questions will be missing word style <BR>• The remaining 60 questions (including trial questions) will be standard style<BR><BR>Prerequisite<BR>Recommended to the delegates who have had prior experience or awareness of projects and the project management environment, though not necessarily as a project manager. <BR><BR>FEES <BR>Rs. 25000/- (Inclusive of teachinig, official courseware, paper test, invigilation &amp; certification handling, S. Tax ) <BR><BR>PRACTITIONER Course<BR>• Glossary of examination question types<BR>• General advice on answering examination questions<BR>• Analysis of a Case Study, practice by using a reproduction of a real-life project, albeit limited by practicality constraints. It is divided into the following areas:<BR>• Scenario, Business Case, Project Management Team Structure, Management of Risk, Product Breakdown Structure, Product Flow Diagram, Product Description, Work Package, Quality in a Project Environment, Change Control, Project Closure.<BR>• Case Study exercises have been styled in a similar manner to the Practitioner Exam<BR>• question style, with roughly the same amount of information provided.<BR>• Three Techniques<BR>• Product Based Planning, Change Control, Quality Review<BR>• Sample Practitioner Examination questions<BR>• Conclusion<BR><BR>Exam Structure<BR>• No change to presentation – there is still be 3 booklets for candidates one containing the scenario and additional information, one with the questions and answer sheets <BR>• Objective testing examination <BR>• 9 questions per paper with 12 marks available per question – all question items are worth 1 mark, making the total number of marks available per paper 108 <BR>• 2.5 hours allowed (no reading time has been added) <BR>• Open book exam (manual only – same rules will apply as for current exams) <BR>• Pass mark 55% - 59 marks <BR><BR>Prerequisites<BR>It is essential that the delegates have passed their Foundation Examination.<BR><BR>FEES<BR>30,000/- (Inclusive of teachinig, official courseware, paper test, invigilation &amp; certification handling, S. Tax ) <BR><BR>How to Pay Fees?<BR><BR>Option1: Bank Transfer <BR>Bank name : HDFC Bank <BR>A/c. No. : 01498140000478 <BR>Type of A/c. : Current A/c. <BR>Branch : Mayur Colony, Pune <BR>RTGC/NFT/IFSC : HDFC 0000149 <BR>Beneficiary : Quexst Solutions Pvt. Ltd. <BR>OR  <BR>Option 2 : Cheque / DD <BR>IN THE FAVOUR OF “QUEXST SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD.” payable at PUNE. <BR><BR>PRIVILEGES <BR>• Comprehensive course material, we also provide Precourse reading material prior to course <BR>• WebEx Course by one of Top 5 Pricne2 ATOs in the world<BR>• Certificate from APM &amp; OGC (subject to clearing the test) <BR>• Free membership from APM—PM4 SUCCESS.<BR> <BR>Exam fees is non –refundable<BR><BR><BR><BR>Solicits : Entire World<BR>Contact : Samir Bale-Prince2 Certified PM &amp; Invigilator <BR>Mobile : 9225545711 [Send Free SMS]<BR>Phone : 9225545711<BR><BR>


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