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Getting your children to eat a well balanced meals is a daunting task. A world of heavy with junk food choices undermines parent’s best intentions of serving healthy food. High fat, sugar and calories are universal culprits in a young person’s diet. So be sure to give them something that is delicious and nutritious too, Remember, along with energy, your child also needs protein, essential vitamins and minerals for overall development.
Your kid requires around 2gm protein per kg body weight every day. Protein is needed for growth and development, building muscles, repairing wear and tear of body tissues and building immunity. It is an everyday challenge to meet a child’s protein needs, considering that they are small and finicky eaters. The trick is to include protein into their regular diet itself. A protein drink-mix that can be added into milk is a convenient way to help meet the child’s protein needs. That is what is lacking in most health drinks available for kids.
Herbalife’s “DINOKID” is designed with the finicky tastes of kids in mind; this tasty drink provides high quality protein, essential vitamins and minerals that are important during their developing years. Herbalife’s Dinoshake contains milk and whey protein (the best protein extracted from milk). Each serving of Dinoshake has higher protein content than any other health drinkds available for kids. Dinoshake also contains 23 vital nutrients per serving, making it an ideal food supplement for a growing child. Dinoshake supplies enough carbohydrates, vitamins A,B,C,D,E,K and minerals like potassium and iron to keep your kid bursting with energy all day!
DINOSHAKE is available in a delicious chocolate flavour and can be served hot or cold any time a day. It is a great supplement and is an all time favourite with kids in over 75 countries.
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