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Publish your Research Papers in International Registered and Refereed (Print) Research Journals:
“Chintan” research journal (ISSN: 2229-7227)
“Pramāna” research journal (ISSN: 2249-2976)
“Drashta” research journal (ISSN: 2277-2480)
“ABSURD” International Research Journal for English Literature (ISSN: 2319 –703X)
“Swadeshi” International Research Journal for Hindi Literature (ISSN: 2319 – 7048)
“Justice” International Research Journal for Law (ISSN: 2320-1665)
“Vision” International Journal for Management and Commerce (ISSN: 2320-1673)
“Darshan” International Research Journal of Philosophy and Yoga (ISSN: 2320-8325)
“Awareness” International Research Journal of Education (ISSN: 2320-8333)
(i) Research paper should be original and unpublished.
(ii) The research paper should have bibliography, footnote, references, suggestions and findings
(iii) The title of your research paper should be appropriate.
(iv) Research paper should be typed in PageMaker or in MS WORD
(v) Font for Hindi and Sanskrit should be Kruti Dev 10 and Krishna and for English Font should be Times New Roman or Arial.
(vi) Research paper should not be more than 2500 words (Chintan, Pramāna and Drashta)
4500 words (ABSURD, Vision, Awareness, Swadeshi, Justice and Darshan).
“Chintan” “Pramāna” “Drashta” – Rs. 1500/-
“ABSURD” “Swadeshi” “Justice” “Vision” “Darshan” “Awareness” –Rs. 2500/-
You can submit your Research Papers by E mail id shilakram9@gmail.com). (Chief Editor)
arunasharma030@gmail.com(Sub Editor) .You also can submit your books for review also. In that case kindly send two copies of the books. Any other query you can contactEditor-In-Chief Acharya Shilak Ram, mobile number 9813013065 or 9992885894 or can go through www.chintanresearchjournal.com


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