Paintball CO2 AIR TANK 3000 PSI (#206) $30

Published 29-02-12


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Paintball CO2 AIR TANK 3000 PSI (#206) $30
You are looking at a perfect size air tank for paintballing or it can be used for scuba diving (emergency use tank only). It’s small, durable, lightweight aluminum, compact and holds 3000 PSI of compressed air.
This tank is used and needs some work, possibly a new PSI gauge and re-thread the input valve. The tank is in very good share with no dings or cracks. The price is right. For a new one, you are looking at $60 to $200; so for $30 it’s well worth the effort of replacing a few items on it.
These tanks are very easy to refill and are a lot less expensive to refill than your standard CO2 Bottle. If you are looking for a low cost alternative this Catalina Cliff air tank is for you.
NOTE: Cylinder must be filled by a professional trained person and must be approved by DOT before refill.
• Model#: TC-3ALM207
• Part: BX3527
• Tank# on bottom: 92027
• PSI: 3000
• Tank: Lightweight aluminum
• Size: 12” tall, 3 ¼ “ wide
• Weight: 2lb 14oz empty
• Output Pressure: ~800 PSI
• Paint Ball Shots: ~600-650 shots off one full 3000 PSI fill
• Paint Ball Gun: Should work on all paintball guns
• Lightweight Aluminum DOT certified cylinder
• Manufactured by: Catalina Cylinders – Cliff Impact Division
• Sold by: Googgle SKINZ
• Your price: $30
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