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we are the Manufactures/supplier's of paper Plate making Machinery<br>in hyderabad, We have manual Machinery and Hydroilc Machinery's (Semi_Automatic)<br>and We have Fully AUTOMATIC MACHINERY,We have all type's of Dies from 4"inch to 14"inch Dies are avail<br>us...we have Paper Lamination Machinery and paper cutting machinery available<br><br><br>We are the suppliers of Raw materials(Buffa sheet's,14"inch sheet, 16"inch laminated sheet <br>and other sizes,colors sheets<br><br>WE HAVE NEWLY LAUNCHED FULLY AUTOMATIC MACHINERY IN HYDERABAD.<br>SPECFICATIONS OF FULL AUTOMATIC MACHINERY:<br>1.2HP DC MOTOR<br>2.FIVE ROLL STAND;<br>3.MAINTANCE FOR MACHINERY IS ZERO<br>4.SLOW/HIGH SPEED MAKING THE PAPER PLATE<br>5:FIX THE DIE FROM 4"INCH TO 14 "INCH DIE<br>6.COSUMPTION OF ELELCTRICITY IS LESS<br>7.EASY OPEATAION<br>8.SINGLE PERSON OPERATION<br>9.HIGH PRODUCTION<br>10.1 YEAR WARRANTY FOR THE MACHINERY<br>


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