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<P>This is a brief introduction about the offerings from Butterfly Birthday Blast.<BR>Birthday is a special time for your little one. Make it truly special<BR>by using our birthday party decorating ideas and venue.<BR>We have a sprawling 15000 sq feet well equipped play area with<BR>playthings to have an absolutely wonderful party that would bring a<BR>smile to your little one's face. Birthdays are a time for fun and<BR>excitement, the one day that comes once a year is worth all the<BR>effort. With some effort and creativity you could put together party<BR>that is a whole lot of fun and enjoyment.<BR>You can select a theme for the birthday party it could be anything<BR>from a favorite cartoon character to any particular color.<BR>We match all your arrangements and decorations to this theme.<BR>We plan all the games and other activities as per the theme.<BR>We can organize from Jumping castle, pony ride, tattoo artist, magic<BR>show, cartoon character to name a few.<BR>We take care to the last minute details to make your party a great success.<BR>Please feel free to call me anytime at this nos. 9940042592<BR><A rel="nofollow" href="mailto:jayanthi.ravishankar@gmail.com">jayanthi.ravishankar@gmail.com</A><BR>.</P>
<P>Basic birthday package Rs. 6500 (Include entry for 20 children, Return<BR>gifts, Basic decor with Balloons and streamers. Min 4 games will be<BR>conducted and 8 games gifts will be given.)<BR><A rel="nofollow" href="http://www.bamboolachennai.com/birthday.html">http://www.bamboolachennai.com/birthday.html</A><BR><A rel="nofollow" href="mailto:jayanthi.ravishankar@gmail.com">jayanthi.ravishankar@gmail.com</A>.<BR></P>

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