Pentair USA 10'x 44' Outdoor Master Water Filter (Promotion)

Published 04-05-11


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Kuala Lumpur


<P><STRONG>Pentair USA Outdoor Master Filter</STRONG></P>
<P>No.1 In USA &amp; Over 40 Years in Water Filter Industry.</P>
<P>10 Years Warranty with Warranty Card.</P>
<P>Cash &amp; Carry Item !!!</P>
<P>Malaysia Market Price : RM1980 - RM2180</P>
<P><STRONG>NOW OFFER ONLY SALE RM699</STRONG> (Not include installation)</P>
<P><STRONG><U>Product Details :</U></STRONG></P>
<P>Model : 1044</P>
<P>Size : 10" inchi x 44" inchi</P>
<P>Warranty : 10 Years</P>
<P>Valve Size : 3/4"</P>
<P>Capacity : 50 Liter</P>
<P>Max Working Pressure : 100psi</P>
<P>Colour : Natural or Gray</P>
<P><STRONG><U>Filtration Media :</U></STRONG></P>
<P>5 Layers : Zeolite (Australia), Anthracite Carbon, Mining Grade Sand, Fine Silica Sand &amp; Rough Sand</P>
<P><STRONG><U>Company Details :</U></STRONG></P>
<P align=justify><STRONG><EM>RUYI LIFE ENTERPRISE</EM></STRONG> is your one-stop solutions centre for all kind of drinking water system and outdoor master filter system. We are already have 7 years above in water filter industry. Our wide range of water dispensers, filters, filtration system and water delivery services cater to serve the needs of offices, factories, homes and restaurants in Kuala Lumpur and within Klang Valley, Selangor.</P>
<P>West Malaysia : 016-3936361 (P.C.FAM)</P>
<P>East Malaysia : 016-3013834 (Lily Wong)</P>
<P><STRONG><U>Company Website :</U></STRONG></P>
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<P>Further information, kindly call us directly. Thank You !</P>


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