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Even though you can adopt a different style when needed, you will contribute most when you are using your preferences and drawing on your strengths." (excerpt from MBTI Interpretive Report for Organizations)
"Having a clear sense of your values is critical to your career development and will help you make satisfying choices. Values contribute significantly to a sense of fulfillment or meaning in life. Alternatively, when values are thwarted, people often report feeling that they are 'living life on a treadmill' or that they are 'burned out.' Do you feel either of these ways now? Your results from the Work/Life Values Checklist should help you sort out what is important in both your work and your life. You can use these results to find out why a current job is not satisfying-- why you may feel burned out--or to help you evaluate different career and life choices. You are most likely to find satisfaction from work and life roles that match your values." (excerpt from Work/Life Values Checklist)
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