Pest Control

Published 16-03-14


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Considered as a leading pest control player in the market, Rentokil India serves all kinds of customers from fields like Pharma, IT/ITES, Manufacturing, Food processing. It stood on the top position because of its customizable pest control services. Started in 2008 in India, Rentokil India now expands its pest control services with both organic
and inorganic growth, spreading its arms in major cities of India like Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai,Pune, Hyderabad. Gradually Rentokil developed as a one stop pest control solution to any pest problem from mosquitoes and roaches to Rodents, Termites and Bird control. Rentokil, pest control services company in India emphasizes on effective service and customer satisfaction. We have different control processes for various kinds of pests like gelling method for roaches, spraying method for mosquitoes, bait station method for rodents and also can be tailor made based on residential or commercial customer.


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