Premiershield Risk Management Enterprise

Premiershield Risk Management Enterprise
Published 02-06-10


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With Head Quarters in India, we manage risk of our global clients in India, South Asia, Middle East and Americas. Premier Shield facilitates your business at all levels.<BR><BR>VISION AND MISSION:<BR><BR>Premier Shield is in the business of providing multidisciplinary risk management services of<BR>The highest standard .We ensure protection and<BR>Loss prevention with latest technology.<BR><BR>OUR BUSINESS VERTICALS<BR><BR>- GUARDING SERVICES<BR>- EXECUTIVE PROTECTION<BR>- CASH MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS<BR>- ELECTRONIC SECURITY SYSTEMS<BR>- INVESTIGATIONS<BR>- PRE &amp; POST EMPLOYMENT SCREENING<BR>- BRAND PROTECTION<BR>- CONSULTANCY<BR>- ELECTRONIC SWEEPS<BR>- INFORMATION SECURITY<BR>- FACILITY MANAGEMENT<BR>- TRAINING<BR>- IGNOU COURSES<BR><BR>DEALS WITH CLIENTS LIKE<BR><BR>1.MAHINDRA SATYAM<BR>2.IGATE<BR>3.BIRLASOFT<BR>4.GE<BR>5.RANBAXY<BR>6.WISSEN INFOTECH<BR>7.SIGNUM<BR>8.FSSL<BR>9.IBM<BR>10.CONVERGYS<BR>SYNOPSIS:<BR><BR>This is a Risk Management Company and it deals with the investigation and verification of Existing and new employees. The main objective of the organization is to keep the secrecy of each and every information about the employees it deals with. It deals with the following checks and verification.<BR><BR>1.Address Verification<BR><BR>2.Criminal Verification<BR><BR>3.Education Verification<BR><BR>4. Database Verification<BR><BR>5. Fingerprint Verification<BR><BR>All these checks and verification are done at a very marginable rate that is the rate which every company can comply to it. Regarding any further information if interested then<BR>Share This Ads<BR><BR>   <BR><BR>Contact: Premiershield<BR>Phone: 011-30855079<BR>Address: A-282, Okhla Phase-1 Industrial Area, New Delhi-110020<BR><BR>


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