Private Speech & Vocal Coaching in Big D

Private Speech & Vocal Coaching in Big D
Published 01-07-11


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<BR><EM>People just like you are improving their work and social skills by learning to speak clearly and properly, perhaps reducing their accent. I am not a licensed speech therapist, but I do offer you over 30 years of specialized vocal training from my years in television and radio.</EM>
<P><EM>If you are not happy with the way you speak or sound you now have the opportunity to do something about it. Private vocal / speech tutoring is available at a very affordable cost to you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.</EM></P>
<P><EM>Learn to speak more clearly, enunciate properly, add emotion to your voice, project professionally and reduce any accent that may be holding you back.</EM></P>
<P><EM>Private one hour sessions are available at my Casa Linda - White Rock Lake area apartment/office. Working from my home is the only way I can offer training at such inexpensive rates. Currently I have a few choice appointments available on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 7:30 PM, Saturdays 8am-4pm. Hourly rate: $25.00. Personal checks and credit cards are not accepted. I offer a free 15 minute consultation before you make your decision, "is this for me ?". Are you in a hurry to learn? A 2 hour combined session is only $40.00. It's suggested that all prospects plan on a minimum of 8 sessions. Change takes your efforts and time! Occasional Bartering available. Contact me at:</EM></P>
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