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*Make Your Lover Leave You

*Making Love Pagan Style

*Manufacturing the Perfect Mate

*Simple Love Spell *Banishing an Unwanted Admirer

*Spell to Make You Dream of the One You Love

*Easy and Effective Love Spell

*Non-Manipulative Love Spell

*Making Up Spell

*To Draw a New Lover to You


*Another way to End a Relationship

*To Keep Your Lover Faithful

*To Make Love Secure

*To Sever the Ties of a Bad Relationship

*Spell to Get Rid of Jealousy

*To Find a Lover

*Make Yourself More Desirable

*Perfect Mate Love Spell

*Soul Mate Love Spell

*Apple Seed Love Spell

*Magic Love Charm

*Bring Back Lost Love

*To Attract a Lover 1

*To Attract a Lover 2

*To Attract a Lover 3

*Three Candle Love Spell to Attract Love

*Commitment Spell

*Love Perfume

*Love Bath to Attract Love 1

*Love Bath to Attract Love 2

*Love Bath to Attract Love 3

*Love Bath to Attract Lust

*Love Bath to Look Younger

*Love Bath to Bring out Beauty and Attract Love

*Love Bath to Help You Flirt

*To Rekindle Love

Me *Forget Knot Spell

*Love Braid (Binding Spell)

*Declare Your Love Spell

*Easy Love Spell

*Wish Upon A Leaf - Spell for Love

*New Moon Love Spell Wish (easy)

*Midsummer Eve Spell - To Entice a Lover to Return

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