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GSM MODEM pool also known as "SMS cat pool" in China, USB 2.0 can be used directly into the computer usb port, for laptops, desktops can be used. Break the rule that multi-tech can only be used in desktop computers. Built-in wireless modules can be inserted SIM cards, gprs sms modem simultaneously to send text messages.

gprs sms modem long time stable jobs, housing luxurious and generous. Use the standard rack structure, suitable for large enterprises to establish a messaging platform. Place like Large shopping malls, supermarkets, large wholesaler, large hotels, large-scale entertainment, large hospitals, large bookstore.

Product Feature
1, can insert 8 or 16 SIM cards(big or small)
2, connection with the computer through a data line can be integrated with RJ45
3, Each channel with separate power switch
4, Each individual module can be demolished
5, industrial chassis, elegant shell

1. gprs sms modem Supports standard GSM communication modes
2.DC5-35V Low power consumption
3.Supports 8 or 16 SIM cards (3V-5V)
4.Has 8 or 16 SIM antenna interfaces
5. gprs sms modem Use French WAVECOM Q2303 Q2403 Q2406 Q24plus
6.Slide-on SIM storage
7.Wireless Modem Pool can realize the communication with computer via PCCOM or Emulation Programs such as Super Terminal
8.Frequency: 900/1800mhz(Q24 plus have 4 frequency)
9. Complies with ETSI GSM Phase 2+ standard
10. Class 4 (2W @ 900 MHz) Class 5 (1W @1800/1900MHz)
11. Input Voltage:5V-24V
12. Working Temperature -20 degree ~ +55 degree
Storage Temperature: -25 degree ~ +70 degree

1.can send SMS to large number of customers at same time
2.Support SMS receive and reply automatically
3.store the record of SMS sending and receiving automatically
4.Easy to install and use
5.can compatible with many cards
6.can control SIM Card to send SMS by your requirements

1. Industrial design, gprs sms modem can restart automatically when no signal or crash
2. Independent switch control for every port
3. Every port can demount separately, easy to maintain


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