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Q2406 dual band 900/1800Mhz,support SMS,MMS,FAX,WEB,TCP/IP,OPEN AT
Q3106A dual band 900/1800Mhz,support SMS,MMS,FAX,WEB,TCP/IP,OPEN AT
Q24plus quad-band,supports support SMS,MMS,FAX,WEB,TCP/IP,OPEN AT
Q2686 quad-band,support SMS,MMS,FAX,WEB,TCP/IP,OPEN AT
Q2687 EDGE,more fast in date transfer,support SMS,MMS,FAX,WEB,TCP/IP,OPEN AT
Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 7/ Windows Vista/ Windows XP/ Windows Server 2003/ Windows 2000/
Windows 98SE/ CE/Linux 2.40/ MAC 9.8X
Bulk sms modem pool function
GPRS Function:
– GPRS multi-slot class 10
– 21.4kbps uplink / 85.6 kbps downlink
– 42.8 kbps uplink / 68.2 kbps downlink
– GPRS mobile station class B
– Full PBCCH support
SMS Function:
Support AT command
– Text and PDU
– Point-to-point (MT/MO)
– SMS broadcast
Voice Function:
– Voice Call through mobile network
– Auto answer function
– Full duplex and half duplex rate
– Enhanced full rate (EFR)


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