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Published 12-09-13


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Learning Quran Online is an online Educational Services institute. Providing online Islamic Educations to Muslims all around the world. Now you can learn Basic Quran Reading, Quran Reading with tajweed
OR Quran Hifz/Memorization Online. You don’t have to go anywhere to get the Quran Tutor, all you need to do is come online on Skype and we will start the Quran Class. We have 22+ Quran Teachers who are teaching Quran to students all around the world.
On Mutually Scheduled time by us and students, Our Online Quran Teacher (Qari/Alim Sahab) and the student both come on-line on skype, Koran Tutor share their screens and start the lesson. The student needs to have a laptop/tablet/ipad, headset and an internet connection. Each class duration is of 30 minutes. You can try 3 free trial classes. Please click here to register Or call us at (001) 201-793-8133


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