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RARE Vintage HEREND Hungary Figurine– Parrot Standing (#98) $125
This is a beautiful antique hand painted Herend figurine from around the 1940’s; I believe this is an older, discontinued figurine. The style and color blend are unique. This parrot stands 10 inches tall and proudly shows off his colorful feathers painted in the symphonic fishnet style - a unique combination of yellow - orange - red and green. It is in good condition, with a slight crack on its back, which was repaired. Not very noticeable.
This magnificent piece will add its own personality to any room and will make a unique house warming gift. It is world renowned Herend porcelain, created in Hungary and the company’s heritage dates back to 1826. This is a rare unique piece and it is very hard to find any more.
Bottom markings include:
• Hungarian Emblem with “HEREND HUNGARY” circling on top
• The word “HANDPAINTED” under the emblem
• Also has “HEREND & V000” inscribed in the porcelain
Note: In excellent condition, this is worth over $2000, but because of the blemish, the price is greatly reduced to $125.
For more information please contact:
George - - -
480-231-1840 or gts.consult@yahoo.com

Phoenix, AZ USA

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