RIA Training From IBM Premier Business Partner at PR3 Systems in Coimbatore

Published 10-08-12


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Hello Friends,

PR3 Systems is an IBM Premier Business Partner company, excelling in software development and providing Educational services. Our outsourcing projects are developed by IBM certified professionals and our latest technology courses are taught by experienced / certified trainers.
Currently our development team focus is on Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse projects. Also we are engaged in providing technical training to the students / candidates, to fit as per our client’s requirements.

RIA / Rich Web Development Course at PR3 Systems:
Our RIA course gives true hands on experience in modern applications engaged in delivering business benefits in the IT industry. We have leveraged the course so that students / candidates are get used to build Rich Internet Application by combination of latest technologies. No prior web designing or development knowledge is required for attending the course. See below for few topics covered.

Introduction - Web Technologies
HTML - Elements, Tags, Formats, Tables, Forms, Frames, DHTML, DOM, etc …
CSS - Stylish background, Links, Lists, Fonts, Model, Border, Padding, etc..
PHP - Basics, Variables, Strings, Arrays, Functions, Loops, Forms, Global variables, cookies & session, Email, Filter, Error and Exceptional handling, OOPS, Include and Require, etc…
MYSQL - RDBMS Concepts, SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE, Views, Index, Joins, Triggers, Functions, Stored Procedure, ODBC, etc...
AJAX - Introduction, XMLHttpRequest object, XMLHttpRequest properties, Sending a Request to the Server response XML database
XML - SimpleXML, DOM, Expat Parser
Joomla (CMS) - Installation, Demo Project, Installation of Template, Adding content, Users, Permissions, Modules, Components, Themes, Menu, Plug-in, etc …
Drupal (CMS) - Installation, Demo Project, Installation of Template, Adding content, Users, Permissions, Modules, Components, Themes, Menu, Blogs, Comments, etc …
Dreamweaver - Dreamweaver Env, Planning Website, Viewing & Managing HTML code, Building website - page properties, Site panel and templates, planning and creation of images, layers, etc …
Other Topics - SEO, Adobe Flex, Adobe Photoshop. etc…

Other placement oriented courses,
1. Microsoft Dot Net Technologies
- C#, Vb.Net, Asp.Net ,wcf, wpf, silverlight
2. Java / J2EE / J2ME
3. PHP / MySql (LAMP / WAMP)
4. Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse (IBM Products)
- Data Modelling, ETL, Report Generation
5. Project Management Tools.

For further details contact,
YAMUNA – (0422-4387128)
Mobile No : 95855-95103
PR3 Systems
#411, Bharathiyar Road,
New Siddhapudur,
Near Women’s Polytechnic,
Coimbatore – 641044.


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