Refurbished Hp Proliant DL380 G3 Rack Server For Just Rs 34,999/-

Price $34,999.00
Published 04-10-11


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The HP ProLiant DL380 G3 server combines the latest Intel Xeon processors with Hyper-Threading technology, PCI-X expansion slots, PCI Hot Plug, Integrated Lights-Out (iLO), Online Spare Memory support, embedded Smart Array 5i Plus Controller with optional transportable battery-backed write cache, simplex/duplex SCSI backplane, dual integrated Gigabit NICs, optional hot-plug redundant power and cooling, and rapid deploy rails for HP, Compaq branded, telco, and third-party racks.<br>Server Specifications<br><br>Form factor<br><br>• 2U rack height<br><br>Server Processors<br><br>• Intel Xeon Processor 2.8 GHz<br><br>Cache<br><br>• Intel Xeon Sequence: 2x1MB<br><br>Chipset<br><br>• Server Works GC -LE Chipset<br><br>Server Memory<br><br>• 2GB Available<br>• 1GB of 2-way interleaved PC2100 DDR SDRAM running at up to 266MHz with Advanced ECC and Online Spare capabilities,12 GB (6GB max on 400MHz Front Side Bus Models)<br><br>I/O slots<br><br>• PCI slots 64-bit/133MHz PCIX,64-bit/100MHz PCIX<br><br>RAID controller<br><br>• Smart Array 5i Plus Controller (integrated on system board)<br><br>Server Drive bays<br><br>• 6 x 3.5 Hard Drive Option: 3.5 HD Option: SCSI 15K 36GBx1 drives;<br>• Slim optical drive bay CD-ROM<br><br>Maximum internal storage<br><br>• 1.80 TB (6 x 300 GB Ultra320 SCSI)<br><br>External storage<br><br>• Tape backup options<br>• Internal: PV100T (DAT 72) with multibay<br>• External: PowerVault DAT 72, 110T, 114T, 122T, 124T, 132T, 136T, 160T and ML6000<br><br>Network interface card<br><br>• Two NC7781 PCI-X Gigabit NICs (embedded)<br><br>Remote<br><br>• ILO<br><br>Power supply<br><br>• AC configuration with standard single or redundant 400W hot-plug auto-switching universal 110/220V AC power supplies<br>• AC Redundant Power Supply and DC Redundant Power Supply.<br><br>Offer Price: Rs 34,999/- Price Strictly Not Negotiable.<br><br>Call: 08042174919/9620324473/8792824990<br>Email:<br>


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