Reiki and Kofutu

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Published 28-06-11


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Las Vegas NV USA


<p><br>Welcome, my name is Shelly. I am a cerified Kofutu and Reiki practitioner and
Kofutu Instructor since 1984. It has been my <span id="IL_AD7" class="IL_AD">calling</span> to help others better their
own lives in one way or another. I am blessed with a healing touch, and I enjoy
<span id="IL_AD4" class="IL_AD">helping</span> others to relax, reduce stress, and relieve <span id="IL_AD4" class="IL_AD">pain</span> in all areas of their
life; physical, spiritual, mental and emotional. <br><br>A Kofutu and/or Reiki
<span id="IL_AD5" class="IL_AD">treatment</span> involves a Kofutu and/or Reiki practitioner gently placing their hands
on or slightly above the client's body in a passive manner. For your comfort,
loose comfortable clothing is preferred. <br><br>In-person healings available,
and distant healings are also available. <br><br>If it is your calling to learn
Kofutu touch healing, I also teach classes so you can learn to help heal others
like you, your family, and friends.<br><br>I am registered with the Kofutu
headquarters in Mpls MN, and I am registered with the International <span id="IL_AD6" class="IL_AD">Center</span> for
Reiki <span id="IL_AD2" class="IL_AD">Training</span> in Southfield Michigan</p><p><a rel="nofollow" href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p>[youtube=]


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