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BODS:--Introduction, Describing Data Services, Defining Source and Target Metadata, Creating Batch Jobs ,Troubleshooting Batch Jobs , Using Function, Scripts and Variables , Using Platform Transforms , Setting up Error handling , Using Data Quality Transforms , Using Address Cleanse Transforms ,Using Data Cleanse Transforms

Matching and Consolidating Data ,DS Architecture , Management Console,Multiuser Environment,
ATL n performance will be explained in theory, BI to BO integration using RFC and how to connect a BI system to BO system will be covered, New Features of BODS 4.0 to be covered for Interview Purposes n practical exercise / assignment will be provided with Real-time Scenario’s and help in understanding Project.

BASIS:--Basics, Starting and Stopping the SAP System, Introduction to System Configuration, Access to Help, Fundamentals of Working with the Database,
Basics of User Administration, Setting Up Remote Connections, Introduction to System Security, Working with the Transport System, Support Packages, Plug-Ins, and Add-Ons, Including Printers in SAP Systems, Scheduling Background Tasks, Archiving, System Monitoring, Introduction to Advance Topics, Structured Troubleshooting

GRC:--Overview of GRC Access Control, Project Planning and Stakeholders, Pre-implementation Considerations, Understanding RFC, JCo and Background Job requirements, Risk Analysis and Remediation (RAR), Super User Privilege Management (SPM),Compliant User Provisioning,
Enterprise Role Management

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