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16 cats with a serial card pool
With the WCDMA 3G mobile communication and people’s lives have been closely indivisible, my company to facilitate the needs of customers, after years of market validation and technical improvement, the introduction of the fifth generation of GSM transmission platform, a perfect combination of voice, fax and all other GSM features May 16 also send and receive various data, released 6th generation GSM / GPRS delivery platform, its perfect combination of voice, fax and all GSM / GPRS function, a pool of 16 cat serial card.
Technical Specifications

Supports standard GSM communication
AC 110-230V power supply, can work long hours

16, respectively SIM card inserted
France WAVECOM chip module (Q2303A Q2403A Q2406A Q24PL001 Q2687)
Siemens core chip module (TC35 TC35I MC35I MC39I MC75 MC55 MC56)
16 SMA antenna interface;
Slide the SIM card memory type;
Send SMS speed 8000-12000 / hour;
Wireless MODEM pool or through the COM emulation program such as HyperTerminal to achieve communication with the computer
Quad-band: G850/900/1800/1900MHz; 2100MHz
Meet the ETSI GSM 2 + standards;
Class 4 (2W @ 900 MHz) Class 5 (1W @ 1800 MHz);


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