SQL Server 2008 Reporting service (SSRS) Onsite/Live Online Training

SQL Server 2008 Reporting service (SSRS) Onsite/Live Online Training
Published 29-03-13


Location: Home Location
Hanumanth Nagar


Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

Overview of SQL Server Reporting Services

Installing Reporting Services

Reporting Services Tools

Module 2: Authoring Basic Reports

Creating a Basic Table Report

Formatting Report Pages

Calculating Values

Module 3: Enhancing Basic Reports

Interactive Navigation

Displaying Data

Module 4: Manipulating Data Sets

Defining Report Data

Using Parameters and Filters

Using Parameter Lists

Module 5: Using Report Models

Creating Report Models

Using Report Builder

Module 6: Publishing and Executing Reports

Publishing Reports

Executing Reports

Creating Cached Instances

Creating Snapshots and Report History

Module 7: Using Subscriptions to Distribute Reports

Introduction to Report Subscriptions

Creating Report Subscriptions

Managing Report Subscriptions

Module 8: Administering Reporting Services

Reporting Server Administration

Performance and Reliability Monitoring

Administering Report Server Databases

Security Administration

Upgrading to Reporting Services 2008

Module 9: Programming Reporting Services

Querying for Server Information Using a Web Service

Automating Report Management

Rendering Reports

Creating Custom Code


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