SSD Supper Solution / Activation Powder for Cleaning Black Defaced Bank Notes

Published 10-04-14


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We provides Original SSD Currency Cleaning Solution/Activation Powder and Equipment use in cleaning all semi-processed currencies, like Anti-breeze bank notes, Defaced Bank Notes, Black Money, Transparent money, marked money, and Gelled Dollars, Pounds, Euros etc.
Our Products Ranges are:
1. Black Money
2. S.S.D. Solution
3. Vectrol Paste
4. Tebi-Magnetic
5. Humine Powder
6. Separation powder
7. Chemicals
8. Activation Powders

We also supply stamped notes for interested customers. We have connection for customer to buy new and fresh consignment straight from official donors of the international bank. If you have the notes and need us to supply you with any cleaning material and also we can do the cleaning for you in a profesional way you will not need to wait for long hours to finish the job.

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