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Saint Christopher medallion with baby Jesus (#137 – RC2) $15 - - - -

Attention collectors, coin buffs & enthusiasts!!! ....Limited number left...

If you are looking for something tasteful but out of the ordinary, then consider this exceptional Saint Christopher and Jesus oxidized keepsake; the blessed patron Saint that watches over your child and protects them from danger as well as a patron saint of mariners, travelers and all men & women. This is the usual image of the saint bearing child Jesus on his shoulders as they cross turbulent waters searching for troubled souls. - - - - - -

St. Christopher is said to have helped many travelers across dangerous rivers by carrying them on his back. The story goes that he came across a child and carried him across the river on his back; the child drew heavier as they crossed the waters. When they reached the other side, St. Christopher asked the child “Who are you that placed me in such peril? It seemed I was carrying the whole world on my shoulder.” The little child replied, “You not only carried the world, but Him who made it. I am Jesus Christ the King.” - - - - - -

St. Christopher keepsake makes a wonderful gift for any occasion and can make a perfect gift for baptismal, first communion or just carried it in your possession.- - - - - --

* Year: ~1960
* Alloy - Material: Silver colored alloy
* Grade: Excellent
* Size: 1 7/8” across
* Thickness: ¼”
* Weight: 21.4g

Obverse (front):
• Child Jesus on Saint Christopher’s shoulders as they cross turbulent waters searching for troubled souls
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