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Looking For Used Or Refurbished Servers....<br><br>Dell/HP/IBM 2xXeon with 4GB RAM 36x2 72x4 SCSI : Call For Price<br><br>Dell/HP/IBM 2xXeon Dual Core with 4GB RAM 36x2 72x4 SCSI : Call For Price<br><br>Dell/ARIMA 2xQuadCore with 8GB RAM 72x2 SAS 750x4 : Call For Price<br><br>Dell 2xHexaCore with 8GB RAM 500x3 SATA 2.5" : Call For Price<br><br>Dell 2x12Core with 16GB RAM 72x2 SAS 750x4 SATA : Call For Price<br><br>Our Servers will be 100% functional....<br><br>Call us on 9379034582/08042174919<br>Visit http://avoninfotech.blogspot.com for more details <br>


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