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Published 19-12-13


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Mystery shoppers are like professional auditors for your customer service department. These professionals can carry out samples at your place of business, over the phone, or on your website.
Unlike real customers, mystery shoppers are trained to know what qualities to look for and measure in your customer service representatives. They offer constructive feedback on the current level of your customer service so you can make necessary corrections that raise the bar on customer satisfaction overall.
Benefits of Mystery Shopping:

1. Improve your service levels
2. Check staff performance
3. Understand your customers
4. Keep your clients satisfied, every time
5. Increase your sales figures
6. Improve stock inventory
7. Increase customer loyalty
8. Improve your brand image
9. Survey your competitors
10. Beat your competitors
11. Benchmark against previous performance
12. Stimulate business growth
Shaw Hotels & Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd., being one of the best Mystery Shopping Companies in India, offers you professional business evaluation services through its mystery shopping services; a powerful tool that offers you actionable inputs that will positively impact your bottom line.
Shaw Hotels & Consultancy is one of the leaders of mystery shopping in India. Would you like more information or to apply?
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