Silver Venus Love Spells, Call: +2779-301-0776 Venus orbits the just over 13 times in 8 years, while the Earth orbits th

Published 10-10-12


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Silver Venus Love Spells, Call: +2779-301-0776<br>Venus orbits the just over 13 times in 8 years, while the Earth orbits the Sun 8 times - Venus creates a pentagram around our planet Earth.<br>These special Venus Love Spells invoke the Goddess of Love and pentagram power.<br>Silver Venus Love SpelSun ls £125.00 British Pounds Sterling, Express casting £150.00 British Pounds Sterling<br>This love spell can be used to correct ANY love problem as long as there are no love rival(s). This Silver Venus Love Spell can be used to attract a new love, turn someone you know into a lover, win back an ex, attract a new lover, love and commitment, marriage, rejuvenation of a romance that has lost its sparkle or solve your own personal love troubles.<br>The standard spell will be cast within 3 days, or you may wish to order the cast now express version, which costs £150.00 and will take place asap, but definitely within 12 hours.<br>MY CONTACT DETAILS:<br>Call: +27793010776<br>Skype Name: profyonnah<br>Yahoo messager: Profyonnah<br>Twitter: profyonnah<br>Email:<br>Website:<br><br>


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