SnakeLift 24hour Face Cream

Published 28-01-12


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Contains polypeptide Syn-Ake and Algae

SnakeLift, With Syn-Ake eliminates undesirable wrinkles in a natural way and restores facial characteristics without the cost and the pain caused by injections and their undesirables side effects.

A formula of natural products enriched with: honey rose oil argan oil microalgae glycerin collagen vitamin E lecithin which moisturise and revitilize skin. While tripeptide Syn-Ake imitates the effects of substances contained in snake venom. It reduces lines caused by facial expressions, giving skin results similar to products administered by injection.

The reduction of wrinkles and fine lines is visible.

-- moisturizes and softens skin

-- relieves irritations

-- reduces wrinkles

-- smoothens fine lines

-- restores skin texture with its lifting effect

-- gives dull complexion a radiant look
Suitable for all skin types

. • without the cost of injections, without inexpressive look

• firms skin giving it a radiant look

• gradually diminishes eye wrinkles, black bags and double chin

• rejuvenates facial features and skin texture

• reduces imperfections caused by facial expressions

• gives a liffting effect
Directions for use

Apply to thoroughly cleansed skin Can be used on its own, especially for skin prone to ageing or exposed to ageing elements (sun, pollution, extreme cold) Can be used as a base before applying other skin creams or products, especially for mature skin.

Use of cream does not depend on age SnakeLift is recommended for people with: - tired damaged skin - poor diet - dehydrated skin - who smoke


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