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Published 17-04-11


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Hi, This is S.A.John here from Bangalore.<br><br>Are you looking for an English Trainer ?<br>Here is my offer to you !<br>I meet your Expectation as per your desire.<br>I meet the actual need of you without fuss or bother !<br>You can grab your English !<br>You can feel it ! You can overwhelm with it !<br>The complete solutions for all your English Fluency issues.<br><br>Your current Image will be rolled to reach high !<br><br>Your doubts will be cleared !<br>Because our service is very simple and elegant <br>and<br>our features are just understandable.<br>So we claim that our service is added with multiple disciplines.<br><br>Your desires are valued !<br>We understood what the problem is !!!<br>We know how to deal it.<br>We know the importance of English Fluency nowadays.<br>Your Search for English Fluency should pause now itself.<br>Nothing to bother....we value your Time and Money !<br>It is a complete journey in our English Zone.<br>There is an ultimate progress in your learning.<br>We monitor it as you can trust it.<br>We claim that many users are satisfied with our service.<br>We give high respect to the User Satisfaction.<br>We understand the Intention of our clients.<br>We take you with a very good direction to achieve your Fluency.<br>You can compete with anyone with any hesitation.<br>I feel to say here is a remedy for your inner pain !<br>Our interaction with you is very simple with a great task.<br>So that you will understand them in ease.<br><br>All our plans are 100 % developed by our research and development.<br>We assure for your best communication in the days to come.<br><br>Let me summarize your goals before you enter into my English Network.<br>Is your English reading OK ?<br>Is your English writing OK ?<br><br>But ... still....<br>You are facing problem in speaking English as it is declared by you.<br>YOU CAN LEARN AND UPGRADE YOUR ENGLISH FLUENCY FROM YOUR PLACE.<br><br>No need to search for best institutions where are they ?<br>Do not worry for the best trainer !<br><br>Do not worry...it is because of less knowledge in " Grammar Links"<br><br>Learn them in your local language Hindi to upgrade your<br>English Fluency.<br><br>I have been teaching English Fluency since 1991 through<br>Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Hindi languages<br>through<br>Skype, Google, Team viewer and Yahoo messengers. <br>Right now I am having 16 students online with me as I am teaching across India and abroad too.<br><br>You can come online with me everyday for One hour for 12 weeks.<br><br>This will upgrade your English fluency as per your requirement. send your email id...<br><br>so that I can send my details to you through a PDF file, which makes you to understand well about me.<br><br><br>We make you understand English through our Files, Actions, Videos, Audios, Animations, Sketches, Presentations, Small Pictures, remote desktops etc..<br><br><br>We assure 100 % guarantee hence you need to do some hard work as you will be answering to my 2500 question and answers.<br><br>Charges are just reasonable. They are not more high or less than the institutions.<br><br>mail me : sajohnenglish@gmail.com<br><br>sajohnenglish40@yahoo.com<br><br>also visit : http://sajohnenglish.webs.com<br>


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