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In preview post, we are using XML files to configure the Spring Security in a Spring MVC environment. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to convert the previous XML-base Spring Security project into a pure Spring annotation project.
Technologies used :
1. Spring 3.2.8.RELEASE
2. Spring Security 3.2.3.RELEASE
3. Eclipse 4.2
4. JDK 1.6
5. Maven 3
6. Tomcat 7 (Servlet 3.x)
Few Notes
1. This tutorial is using WebInitializer to load the Spring Context Loader automatically, which is supported in Servlet 3.x container only, for example, Tomcat 7 and Jetty 8.
2. Since we are using WebInitializer,the web.xml file is NOT required.
3. Spring Security annotations are supported in older Servlet 2.x container, for example, Tomcat 6. If you use the clasic XML file to load the Spring context, this tutorial is still able to deploy on Servlet 2.x container, for example, Tomcat 6


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