Surrogate motherhood and Egg donation in Biotexcom

Published 03-03-14


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Surrogacy all included from 27,900 euro with unlimited attempts and guarantee!
Egg donation from 4,900 euro – 9,900 euro with unlimited attempts with guarantee!
You pay only for your flight tickets~ all is included in the price!
You can choose your donor by a photo!
The clinic provides different programs of egg donation and surrogacy.
Comfort, warm welcoming atmosphere, individual treatment planning for each patient allow to reach positive results and provide help even in the most complicated cases. The clinic disposes of modern facilities, provides conveniences for patients to create cheerful mood we value so much and above all displays vast experience, high professionalism, maximum care and responsibility for the patient on the part of the likeminded doctor team.
To increase chances of pregnancy we prefer to work with blastocysts (embryo transfer on the 5th day).
We don’t divide donor’s eggs between several patients. Each patient gets her own donor.
We provide healthy, young and tested surrogacy mother for your dream come true to have your own genetic related child.
Donor Eggs/Embryos
Blastocyst Transfer
Embryo Freezing
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