Swiss Electric Raclette Grill (#181) $75

Published 14-02-12


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Swiss Electric Raclette Grill (#181) $75 - - - - -

You are looking at an authentic electric raclette grill from Switzerland. This amazing grill has a picture of a Swiss cow herder and his dog leading his cattle from the pasture. Like it was hundreds of year ago, the Swiss cow herders used to take cheese with them when they were moving cows to or from the pastures up in the mountains. In the evenings around the campfire, they would place the cheese next to the fire on a metal plate and when it got soft, they would scrape it on top of onions, mushrooms, meat and place it on a piece of bread. - - - - -

Today, electric raclette grills provide countless varieties of healthy meals while sitting together at the dining table enjoying delicious cheese dishes of the Swiss Alpines cuisine. Like its close kin the “fondue”, racletting is like sharing food, so it's an ideal way of getting together with friends for casual dining sharing stories over drinks. This handsome electric raclette maker comes with all the equipment required for six guests to broil individual portions of cheese and assortments. A popular beverage to serve with this type of food is white wine. It has been known that other drinks, water for example, will cause the cheese to harden in the stomach, leading to indigestion.- - - - - - -

Note: This is an authentic Swiss Electric Grill uses 220V and you will need a converter and a European/American outlet plug adapter before it can be used.- - - - - -

• Manufactured by: Rotel AG, Aarburg, CH
• Part: Typ U 10.0 Fabr. Nr.1283
• Voltage: 220V ~ 600W
• Approved: UA1
• Your price: $75 - - - -

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