Sybase ASE DBA (Week-end) batch Starting form 29th March 2014

Published 21-03-14


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Module 1:Introducing Adaptive Server
Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.0
Adaptive Server Databases
System Administrator Responsibilities
Module 2:Installing Servers
Loading the ASE Software
Installing Adaptive Server
ASE Directory Structure
Starting and Stopping Servers
Module 3:Establishing Connectivity
The interfaces File
The UNIX interfaces File
The Windows sql.ini File
Maintaining the interfaces File
Introduction to LDAP Directory Services
Module 4:Configuring Server Behavior
The Configuration File
Viewing Configuration Values
Modifying Configuration Values
Multiple Configuration Files
Module 5:Configuring Memory
Components of Memory
Allocation of Memory
Major Uses of Memory
Estimating Initial Configuration Values
Module 6:Initializing and Using Devices
Creating and Dropping Devices
Default Devices
Mirroring Devices
Module 7: Creating and Using Databases
Sizing and Creating Databases
Setting Ownership and Options
Expanding Databases
Module 8:Suggested Disk Resource Strategies
Resource Allocation for System Databases
Resource Allocation for User Databases
Monitoring Space Usage
Module 9: Auto Expansion
Overview of Auto Database Expansion
Installing Auto Expansion
Managing Auto Expansion using sp_dbextend
Module 10: Managing tempdb
Review of System tempdb
Installing Multiple tempdbs
Binding to a tempdb
Managing tempdbs - Precedence
Troubleshooting and Recommendations
Module 11: Administering System Roles and Logins
Overview of Access
System Roles
Proxy Authorization
Module 12: Managing Database Access and Users
Database Owners
Database Users
Object Creation Permissions
Module 13: Implementing Object Permissions,
Groups, and Roles
Object Permissions
Overview of User-defined Roles
Implementing User-defined Roles
Module 14: Using Bulk Copy Utility
Copying Definitions
Bulk Copy Overview
Bulk Copy Syntax
Module 15: Overview of Automatic Recovery
Overview of Automatic Recovery
Recording Modifications
Recovering Modifications After a Shutdown
Recovery Order
Module 16: Checking and Fixing Database
Overview of the dbcc Commands
Checking Page Linkage
Checking Page Allocation
Setting Up the dbccdb Database
Using dbcc checkstorage
Module 17: Planning for Backups
Backup Basics
Backup Server
Truncating the Transaction Log
Developing a Backup Plan


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