Sybase Performance Tuning Online/Onsite Training.

Published 27-09-13


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Performance and Tuning: Configuring Adaptive Server Enterprise

Module 1: Principles of Performance and Tuning
Performance and Tuning Defined
Design and Tuning Principles
Performance Diagnostics and Tuning Methodology
Case Study Discussion
Module 2: Architectural Overview
Adaptive Server Architecture
Performing Tasks in ASE
Logical Page Size
Module 3: The Tuning Toolbox
Tools and Utilities
set Commands
System Procedures
Monitoring Tables
Focus on sp_sysmon
Module 4: Locking Principles
Locking Concepts
Configuring Locks
Reducing Contention
Module 5: Managing Table Fragmentation
Fragmentation Overview
Assessing Table Fragmentation
Minimizing Fragmentation
Defragmenting Tables
Module 6: Working with Multiple Engines
Multiple Engine Concepts
Configuring Multiple Engines
Spinlocks Overview
User Log Cache Spinlocks
Module 7: Named Cache Configuration
Concepts Review
Configuring Named Caches
Troubleshooting and Monitoring
Module 8: Large I/O Configuration and Tuning
Configuring Large I/0
Tuning Large I/O
Configuring Metadata Caches
Module 9: Cache Strategies and Cache Partitioning
Fetch and Discard
Relaxed LRU
Async Prefetch
Cache Partitioning
Module 10: Procedure Cache and Statement Cache
How the Procedure Cache Works
Sizing the Procedure Cache Appropriately
Troubleshooting Procedure Cache Problems
Statement Cache
Module 11: Optimizing Device Usage
The I/O Subsystem
Review of Devices and Segments
Tuning and Troubleshooting I/O Problems
Tempdb Sizing and Placement
Tuning Tempdb Problems
Module 12: Table Partitioning
Table Partitioning Overview
Partitioning Tables and Indexes
Table Partitions and Performance
Controlling Data Placement
Guidelines for Tuning
Module 13: Optimizer Statistics
How Optimizer Statistics Are Stored
Viewing Optimizer Statistics with optdiag
Managing Optimizer Statistics
Tuning and Troubleshooting
Upgrade Issues
Module 14: Parallel Concepts
Parallel Access Overview
Enabling Parallel Access
Monitoring Parallel Access
Module 15: Parallel Tuning
Parallel Sort Overview
Configuring Parallel Sort
Tuning and Troubleshooting
Semantic Partitioning and Parallel Sort
Module 16: Tuning with the Logical Process Manager
Implementing Logical Process Manager
Engine Groups and Performance
Priority Queues and Execution Classes
Binding Objects and Precedence
Reporting Tools, Modifications and Usage
Case Study
Module 17: Tuning bcp
Mass Data Transfer Concepts
Configuring for Performance


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