TCP/IP modem in india

Published 23-07-12


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KB3030 GPRS DTU is used in electric power automatic system, industry monitoring, traffic management, atmosphere, pro-environment, pipe network monitoring, finance, securities departments and so on. Consider the networking request from different application scope, achieve Virtual data private network in network structure. It is applicable to small and medium data transmitting of the Center to multi-points, multi-points scatter.
l Standard industrial products, EMC anti-jamming design, strong adaptiveness.
l Independent research and developing, embedded 32 bit ARM7-CPU with real-time operating system.
l Embedded Watchdog chip, provide multiple Reset mechanism, can be controlled by software, achieve industrial security mechanism perfectly.
l Working Frequency adopt 850MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz which is suit for every country all over the world (Including North America and South America);
l Advanced and strict data communication protocol, with the function of correction and encryption. Never lose package when data transmission, can achieve pictures over than 100K and Flash animation files transmission, no Mosaic happened.
l Various working mode: DTU (default), Modem, SMS Modem. DTU mode is GPRS data transmission which can get the data from device’s COM port (RS232/RS485/TTL) and transmit to the server in Internet. It also can receive SMS Message when DTU mode (it needs to switch IO port to SMS when send message). SMS Modem is SMS transmission mode, user can set to type A (with protocol) or type B (transparent). When set to Modem, compatible standard AT command (GSM07.05 and 07.07). user can write AT command software to realize the function user need.


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