Tea Taster: How to become a tea taster?

Published 25-05-10


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Tea Book: Tea Taster: How to become a tea taster?<BR><BR>Now you can learn about tea testing, tasting and blending of teas with the tea book titled, Tea Taster: How to become a tea taster?<BR>You will learn the basic details about the tea crop and its plantation, processing of tea leaves into tea dusts and leaves.<BR>You can identify the varieties, kinds and grades of processed teas available with the estates, brokers, whole sale traders and retail merchants.<BR>You will learn testing tasting and blending of teas to make super blends to meet the requirements of the different market segments.<BR>You will learn a lot about identification best teas from the teas available in the tea market.<BR><BR>You will master the technique of tea testing, tasting and blending so that you can develop various blends to meet the requirement of consumers.<BR><BR>Please visit the blog to know how to buy the book:<BR><BR>http://tea-taster.blogspot.com/<BR><BR>You may write to the author by sending an e mail to:<BR><BR>pnkguru@yahoo.com/<BR><BR>With regards,<BR><BR>Pnk Guru Tea Scientist and Business Strategist,<BR><BR>23, Sanganur Main Road, COIMBATORE-641027<BR><P><BR></P><P></P><P>Location: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India<BR>Date Posted: May 25<BR>Price: Rs 790<BR><BR></P>


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