The Bambino’s Curse

Published 30-11-11


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Despite almost 50 years of U.S. presence from 1898 to 1946, baseball never caught the imagination and the interest of most Asian countries, as did the sport of basketball. In fact, the sport of baseball is more popular in other countries with less U.S. influence, such as Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, parts of Central and South America and the Caribbean. Why? Perhaps the reason lies with Asians penchant for sports with continuous action, as opposed to slow-moving on-and-off play like that of baseball.

Yes, every Asian countries has baseball competitions and fields a national team as well as league teams, but the fact is that the sports remains relatively obscure in popularity as most other sports in Asian countries have at least compared to the king of all sports which is basketball. And this is regretful because baseball is a sport that Asian countries can potentially excel in, as have many Japanese, Central and South American players, even going on to play professionally in the lucrative U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB), where speed, hand-eye coordination and strength, but not necessary in height are the required assets for the sport, and where the average annual salary, according to, has reached a staggering $3 million a year, that is a lot.

Now that the world is a global village with instant communications and media, prints such as putting your baseball team on any KOOZIE that is being used by baseball teams to promote themselves, which one probability of increasing interest and knowledge in the sport. And so, contributing to this, it seems necessary to now feature one of the world’s fiercest, historic, polarizing and renowned sports rivalries to have ever existed, one that continues to do so with the same intensity it has had for more than a century now. The intense rivalry between two of baseball’s oldest teams, the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, are the integral parts of Baseball History.

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