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Just to give you a little information about the drink that men loves. Do you know that, American ales have a fruiter taste than the European counterparts and Hops is a herb in the Cannabinaceae family that grouped with cannabis and when added to fermented beer it creates a bitter aroma and flavor, and Lager is a lighter beer know for their clarity smoothness and in some cases, lack character, then we got the Malt liquor which is has more alcohol, Pilsner is an easy to drink brew with a strong flavor of hops was formulated in Pilsen in the Czech Republic in 1842.

Porter was created in London during the early 18th century, and this type of dark brown ale was marketed as richer and more substantial than ale. Stout looks as black as coffee, and is not much more potent than any other beer. The phrase “beer belly” is not directly related to stout, though many beer fans are familiar with both. Wheat which the yeast is used in foreign wheat beers that makes them too aromatic for some American palates.

Here are some beer brands to recommend, the WildCat, which would go well with any spicy Chinese, Thai or Indian dishes. Deep Cover, which has a wonderful smoothness and delicious after taste and does have a nice tight bubbles too. Ghettoblaster, it’s very light for hop-heads. Weisenheimer which kind of reminds me of Hubba Bubba, Goose Island, it does smells like fresh bread and tastes delicious with a creamy start. Olde Buzzard, it’s strong but does have a complex flavors. Blackened Voodoo, this stuff has little bit on the sweet side and every beer goes with a KOOZIE, that help you preserve the temperature and taste that our taste bud desires for longer period of time.

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