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The One Love Spell; Call: +2779-301-0776
Often I receive an enquiry it says “I am unsure if I want to use a love spell” - that’s it, I won’t advise them to, because it is simple, love spells are for love, either you love someone or you don’t, if you need me to tell you if you are in love, then you aren’t. If you love someone you are thinking about them all the time, you wonder what they are doing, you worry about them, anything linked to them is important, you are in love whatever happens, and while things might not be right you could have a love rival, they may have been nasty to you, you still love them ‘warts and all’, you are 'in love’, you cannot stop it, control it or doing anything about it - you are under their spell. Often people tell me, “but Carmen, he’s/she’s not my usual type, I don’t know what’s happened to me, I’ve never felt like this before.” that is the power of love!
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