The Paradise of Guam

Published 01-12-11


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Guam is famous for its pristine beaches that have helped Guam shape its reputation as a favorite destination for tourists. Most of the hotels on Tumon Bay are right in front of the beach, thus almost guaranteeing that every room has a view one can only dream of. Outrigger Resort has the advantage of being adjacent to both a small shopping mall and the 360-degree aquarium experience that Underwater World provides. Over at Pacific Island Club, one can find a water park where kids can learn to snorkel and dive. At night, the PIC comes alive with fire in a show that features dances from Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti and, of course Guam. Even the waterfalls catch fire during the show as the pulsating drum beats lead to an exciting climax.

Another unique feature of Guam is its numerous dive spots. Over what has come to be known as Pity Bomb Hole lies the Fish Eye Marine Park, the first and only underwater observatory in Micronesia. Piti Bay is also one of the island’s few naturally protected lagoons that preserve and promote Guam’s natural corals. The Fish Eye Visitor Center is located along the rustic limestone and jungle covered cliff line just across the beach from the underwater observatory. For its part, Alupang Beach Club at scenic Agana Bay offers beach and outdoor activities for families to enjoy.

Kids can go dolphin-watching, parasailing, jet-skiing, walking on the ocean floor, or snorkeling. To top it all off, there’s unlimited lunch buffet for every package. The isle of Guam truly has had a unique story to tell. From its colonial history to enduring the horrors of war, Guam has emerged as a tourist hotspot noted for its shopping privileges while still promoting the natural beauty of the island. With so many things to do on the island, it’s no surprise that the Guam experience is something one won’t easily forget.

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