The eBook Unraveling the Mysteries of Moving to Costa Rica

Published 06-05-11


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I think <i>all</i> the books in the series are interesting (or, let's
face it, why would I be writing them!) but since it all has to start
somewhere, I decided to begin at the beginning. <i>Unraveling the Mysteries of Moving</i> has three parts. Part One tells our story: <b>The Mainers Move to Costa Rica</b>.
Peek into our lives as we have the idea to move, investigate it, then
really do it. Some funny stories, lots of practical advice.

I call Part Two <b>The Ins and Outs of Shipping</b> and it answers the
complete question "What about your stuff?" We look at whether to ship,
what to ship, and how to ship. Gain the benefit of our mistakes and my
experience helping countless clients move here.

Part Three, cleverly named <b>More Useful Stuff</b> is filled with, you
guessed it, useful stuff – research and resources, advice on how to
choose a place to live, sample budgets, a "reality check" on whether
this move makes sense for <i>you</i>, and finally a few stories from folks who moved here and then went back.

the eBook <i>Unraveling the Mysteries of Moving to Costa Rica</i>
for only $17.95. This 250 page book will be available to you for
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