Tired of Doing Your Childs Hair Every Day? If so call me! I can Braid it for $35!!

Published 28-06-11


Location: Home Location


<P>Hello! Mothers are you tired of doing your kids hair everyday!<BR>Well I am here to take that stress away! I do kids Natural hair<BR>Braiding &amp; Twist. I really focus on the Temple and Hairline<BR>area to ensure no breakage! I live in a very nice area and I will do your hair<BR>or your childs hair with no interruptions unlike some people who do<BR>hair in there home my prices start of at $30. You will be so Glad you did!!<BR>There would be No more Fighting with your child to do there hair in the morning!<BR>I also can add extension or beads if you like!<BR>I will come to your home for a (gas charge starting at $20 dollars it depend on location!<BR>Please call me for your price for your location!<BR>I book up really fast so please call me so I can take your Hair<BR>stress away! I am taking appointment now for the month of March.<BR>Take care and be blessed!<BR>I also can do your hair for a low price! Please see pricings below:<BR>Please Visit My Website: Akiyia.webs.com<BR>For Pictures, Blogs &amp; Videos on Hair Care:<BR>My prices are very reasonable so that it can fit everybody's budget!!<BR><BR>Kids:<BR>Ponytails $15<BR>Two-Strand Twist (Natural Hair Only) $40<BR>Natural Hair Braiding $35<BR>Natural Hair Braiding with Beads $45<BR>Natural Hair Braiding with Beads &amp; Extensions $45<BR>Cornrows with Extension $50<BR><BR>Adults:<BR>Quick Weave $65<BR>Sew-In $65<BR>Kinky Twist $95 (without hair)<BR>Two Strand Twist (Natural Hair Only) $50<BR>Single Braids $95 (without hair)<BR>Micro Braids $100 (without hair)<BR>French Braids $40<BR>Flat Twist $40</P>
<P>**If I provide the hair you will have to let me know what kind of hair you want and I can give you a price because it is so many<BR>types of hair &amp; they all have different prices!<BR>**Please Visit my Websites: </P>
<P>Please don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions!! My number is 770-310-5028.<BR>Take Care and be Blessed!!!</P>


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