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Tomorrow’s World #1 ©2012 By Steve Nelson
Now at: PublishAmerica.com’s online book store, as a Fine High Quality Hard Back Edition.
Awaken into the hot & erotic, beautiful world of the future in, Tomorrow's World #1.
A man from the 20th century is awakened after centuries of hibernation. The reader is invited along to experience this Fantastic New World of Hot Love & Total Beauty!
Experience a Totally New Culture based entirely on Love!
Imagine a Futuristic Sex Fantasy where:
Everyone is hairless and always naked
Everyone has a number, matching their address as a name
Everyone is Loved and Wanted!
In Tomorrow's World #1 the "F" word and Sex is NEVER used to promote Hate & Violence! Please Enjoy, Steve Nelson's Tomorrow's World #1
*Now also available thru Barnes & Noble or your favorite Local Bookstore!

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