Tomorrow’s World 2 DESERT TREK

Published 24-09-13


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Tomorrow’s World 2 DESERT TREK ©2010 by Steve Nelson
TW2 DESERT TREK by Steve Nelson~ An ebook at: SMASHWORDS.COM Is an Action/Adventure Science Fiction novel about Genetically Engineered Humans of the distant future. It is also Hotly Erotic. So it is recommended for 18 & older readers.
TW2 DESERT TREK is a complete story on its own, as is TW1 which is available at in Hardback form.
TW2 DESERT TREK follows an intrepid group of these Genetically Engineered humans as they travel the devastated planet Earth toward a new home.
In TW2 as in TW1, the “F” word is used, but NEVER for the promotion of Hate & Violence! In TW2 as in TW1 every humans is Loved, Wanted & needed. TW2 has a lot of Real science in it, and it’s a great story too! I hope everyone will enjoy, TW2 DESERT TREK
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