Up, Up and Away

Published 01-12-11


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You can’t think back on your childhood without recalling images of balloon, whatever the celebration, balloons of every size and color were part and parcel of the festivity. What child at a birthday party has not blown, popped, made funny sounds with or sat on a balloon? The feelings of delight and nostalgia that fill us; whenever I see balloons that encapsulated my collection as an artist.

I entitled it, “The Balloon” the collection that pays homage to the light hearted and fun-loving nature of the American, showing Americans celebrate almost all occasions and I say, Every time you see a balloon and KOOZIE you know there’s an event, be it “a birthday, graduation, promotion, Christmas, anniversary, corporate event, Valentine, fiesta, wedding, exhibit, christening and more.

I always conveyed the happiness of my childhood memories in my work, and Balloons will always be a part of it. A key element in my collection’s pieces is a child carrying a bunch of balloons and with his KOOZIE. I always had a fondness for the colorful inflatables as a child.

Whenever there was a party. You could always find me (when I was a boy) collecting as many as I could, then, with strings in my hand. Running all over the place, delighting in the graceful movement of the balloons, had hoped that I had enough balloons that might be able to take off and float up, up and away.

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