Vardhman SNG Plaza by Rajesh Kashyap 9560126000

Published 25-05-11


Location: Home Location
Greater Noida


<BR>vardhman sng plaza----- best commercial property in greater noida and ncr <BR><BR>sng plaza is premium investment option in real estate amongst all commercial projects. <BR><BR>Sng plaza gives you variety of options for commercial investment by <BR>investing in shops, office space, business suits, retail spaces etc <BR><BR><BR>features <BR><BR>the next level in location <BR><BR>somebody once described the three most important things in the business of retail as `location, location, location\'. Sng plaza situated on the busy greater noida expressway, opposite india expo mart visible to the moving traffic, cannot be better located. Not only will it cater to the up-market residential complexes close by but also to those who travel along the expressway. Such would be the appeal of the plaza that it wouldn\'t be surprising if those who stay far away also become part of the clientele. <BR><BR>


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