Video Surveillance: Security Camera for your Home or Office

Published 23-09-11


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San Jose


Security Camera Services: Call 408-420-5130 **Watch Your Business/Home from Your Smart Cell Phone or Laptop**Have 24 Hour Surveillance Security Cameras, Video Surveillance, & DVR Systems• Complete Camera Installation• Twenty Four Hours Surveillance • Add Additional Cameras to Current Security Camera System• IP Cameras or Analog Cameras• Covert is an Option• Pan-Tilt-Zoom• Multiple Security DVR Tie-in (if needed)• Camera Installation for 4, 8, 12, 16, 32, 64 or more• Cameras Come with Night Vision• Indoors and Outdoors Cameras• Sound is an Option• One Month or More of Recording• Maintenance Service is Optional• View Cameras from Anywhere in the World from iphone, ipad, Android, Smart Phones, or Computer and Laptop• ALL Work Very Clean• Free Estimates**To View Cameras Remotely, You Must Have High-Speed Internet**Improve Your Business & Home Security by Installing Security Cameras!Nirvoo NetworksSecurity Camera Services408-420-5130Toll free number: 866 259 2327Serving the Entire Bay Area


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