Vintage handmade Chinese ceramic vase (#196)

Published 13-02-12


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Vintage handmade Chinese ceramic vase (#196) $20-----
This is an elegant vintage hand painted ivory white vase with two Chinese Symbols: “Longevity” on top and “Happiness” staggered on the bottom. The artist, around 40 years ago, used a texture mat to create this unique surface with the Chinese characters included in the design. The symbols and the rim are hand painted with black paint on an ivory white background. -----
It can be used for numerous occupations such as, a candle burning inside, match holder, pen & pencil holder, etc., or it could just be used as a darling small vase. Vases are one of the most common home furnishings and ideal to create quaint, elegant, and simple artistic adornment. This vase can make a fine piece for an oriental collection or for a display in a home or office.-----
Product Features:
• Material: Ivory white glazed ceramic
• Age: Over 40 years old
• Grade: Used but in very good condition. Age appropriate, it has maintained its vintage charm.
• Measurements: 4 ¾ “ Tall x 3 ½ ” Diameter (widest point)
• Rim Size: 2 ½ “
• Weight: 9.3 oz.
• Your price: $20 -----
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